Being the best


Dear buddy…

If you wanna do something.

You better do it RIGHT,

You better do it PROFESSIONALLY,

You better do it EXTRAORDINARILY,

Because you are not an ordinary man,

You know that…

I bet you did.

And I am afraid because of that, I didn’t update my blog as frequent as others. Deep inside, I do wanna update. I want to share good thoughts with other people. I want to encourage our society, community, to see things differently-as our prophet Muhammad s.a.w has taught us. He has been a perfect example. Becoming the greatest man, the most influence man, rising up the poor and uncivilized society on earth once before.

To think, the purpose of life.

To know, the will of The Most Gracious Creator.

And finally,to obey.

Yes, life is short. Enjoy the life to the fullest. But is it have to be without the guidance? Do enjoyment really achieved only by breaking rules? I am not sure about that.

We can be happy, of course. But not by breaking ‘the rules’. It is our fitrah (‘nature’ I guess) to do good things and obey God. By not following our fitrahthe rules that has been buried naturally inside our souls, I doubt we can be ‘truly’ happy.

Allah loves people whom when doing something, they do it with the very best effort. Because we are here in this world, as the best.

Allah has promised those among you who believed and performed good deeds that He will surely give them power to rule in the earth as was given to those who were before them and He will surely consolidate their religion which He has chosen for them, and will surely change their after war fear with peace and Security They should worship Me and associate not anything with Me. And whose is ungrateful after this, then they are the people disobedient. Surah an-Nur (24:55)

Being the best, we should really act like one!


18th July 2009, Jatinangor West Java.

p/s : Feel free to drop comment in my first english entry here, i appreciate it very much. Thank you.=) And maybe a good picture (or memo to be exact.=p) to be shared here. Wassalam…


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  1. The real WORLD needs you indeed. Was it hardness, was it selfishness? Huhu. Such thoughts may come. After all, this opening blog still have the readers come and leave.

    Should not do it merely to please others. Because it’s natural. Gone down and helped those people (in real world)

    —-DR.RADZI says: thank you syahidah. may Allah bless us always. amiiin…

  2. Not bad… I give you a B+ =p

    Komen pun kena in english ke?

    Hmm..Yup..It’s been a while since I last updated my blog as well…’tak ada hati,’ they say. So unless we’re really satisfied by what we write it’s better to just not post anything and wait for the right moment:)

    p/s: I’ve also written something about living life to the fullest, but it’s been collecting dust in my drafts.=p

    p/p/s: Is the ‘don’t write bla3…’ also included in the fatwa?

    —-DR.RADZI says : Thank you farhana. (for the B+ tu of course. cess…=p) Yup, if you write something, it better be at least, meaningful… but tak semua orang sama pendapat. blog sendiri, hak sendiri nak tulis apa-apa pun. kan?
    by the way, forget bout the picture bawah tu. it is just an information, and our job is to THINK, ANALYZE, before we DIGEST. nak tahu lebih lanjut, carilah ye? timekaseh.=)

  3. komen aku dalam bahasa melayu ni..

    benar…seperti mafhum firman Allah dalam surah Jumaah:10..Apabila sudah ditunaikan solat…maka bertebaranlah kamu di muka bumi Allah..dan carilah kurnia Allah dan ingatilah Allah dengan sebanyak-banyakNya.

    sebagai manusia..ketenangan dan kebahagiaan itu ialah dengan kembali kepada fitrah. Apabila fitrah manusia itu dirobek, akhirnya…kebahagiaan palsu dicipta..dan kebosanan sering datang..

    —-DR.RADZI says: jzkk akhi, semoga kita sama2 dapat ambil iktibar.

  4. bangga jadi seorg muslim,ummat nabi muhammad s.a.w,terpilih menjadi umat terbaik..syarat nya:amar makruf nahi munkar..(al-imran 110)
    betul kan?sy budak bru belajar:)

    p/s:sy xnk guna english sbb sy ex-student mis lin yg degil:)

    —-DR.RADZI says: kesianla miss lin kalau dia baca ni, kecik ati die..=p

  5. hi dr.radzi…
    allow me to drop some words…:)
    what u r telling is absolutely true. but then i think, although life is short, its not to have fun to the fullest.material enjoyment doesnt stays should be find the eternal enjoyment!!!


    —-DR.RADZI says: salam…
    thanks for dropping by. yup, we should search for the eternal enjoyment. May ALLAH bless us.

    • hurm..that’s right..the short period of time that Allah give us right now is actually the time to prepaare for the eternal ‘life’..

      🙂 so, don’t waste ur time..

      p/s:dah cuti2 ni risau pulak bzir masa..hope dpt plan n paling penting JALANKAN plan tersebut..amiin~

      p/s2: may Allah bless us all

  6. Thanks for the word.. I will tell to all my friends..Tak sanga semua ni sebenarnya.

    Thanks again

  7. Yeah life as short as the time pass very fast..
    instead of playing around, it will be beneficial contributing to deenulhaq with our efforts..Although it seem hard but He always be there.

    When you are weak
    And the road seems long
    Remember just remember
    Seek strength from The Strong.

    When life is a burden
    And everything is unstable
    Remember just remember
    Allah is The Able.

  8. Good words for great peeps.
    btw,people will never learn unless they experience it.
    and they will never ever realize it unless someone hit it.
    and at the end u choose and decide it.
    life is all about choices.
    ALLAH gave us the freedom to, use it wisely 🙂

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