to BLOGGERS: mind your language please


I just got back from PERMAI ’10 when i wrote this entry. Alhamdulillah it was a very nice and interesting talk given by Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil a.k.a Ustaz

As usual, I went through my emails, facebook, YM and blog. In the column of ‘blog statistic‘, we can have a brief idea about what is going on in our blog – the most viewed posts/entries, the referrer, the search engine term that people used to find your blog , the most clicked links, etc… (This is just applied to wordpress users only, i guess?? Hehe…)

But surprisingly, in my ‘Referrer‘ column ie –people clicked link from this pages to get to your blog, i was stunned by this link.

I can’t understand that post at all!

I wonder what did he or she feels when he tried to translate that article. I am very sorry my friend, huhu..=(

Moral of the story : We should mind our language in order to be a good writer. Who knows what type of people reading our posts. Watch out for the spelling and grammar, guys! Huhu…We are responsible for our doings.

P/s; This is a very bad idea (writing in English in the middle of the night having a fully tired mind), but i wish i can be a good writer in both languages. Amiiin…


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2 KomenTinggalkan komen

  1. haha…kelakar la..
    x dapat bayangkn kalo translate sy punye…

  2. Salam Razi….cepat cerita and put pictures in this blog about permai…sedey giler x dapat g..uhuhu…=(

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