“GOD” in different languages

"Lets go to Heaven" should do good.

"Lets go to Heaven" should do good i guess...

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

I believe we do care and love our non Muslim friends surround us. We do hope each and every of us will still be together in the life hereafter, in the place that have been promised for good people performing all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained. Let’s not talk about the right for non Muslim to use the word ‘Allah’, but focusing on one of the most important topic that might be worth discussing among our non Muslims friends – SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES BETWEEN US.

To Allah belongs the Most Beautiful Names.

The Glorious Quran says in Surah Isra ( AlQuran chapter 17: verse 110)

“Say: Call upon Allah, or call upon Rahman: by whether name ye call upon Him, (it is well): for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names.”

You can call Allah by any good and beautiful name. It is just the matter of language. It still possesses the same meaning – GOD. So, if Allah is called either Ram, Krishna, Toh Peck Kong, Jesus, Holy Spirit, or any other name, IS IT WRONG?

Some of my friends were confused when I brought this thing up. What do you think?

Let us go with a simple analogy. Analogy usually is fun!=)


Water can be called by various names in different languages, like water in English, ayor in Perak, ayaq in North Malaysia, paani in Shah Rukh’s mother tounge Hindi, ma’ in Arabic, etc…

Yes, it can be called by different name in different languages. But water CANNOT be called water if it is SOMETHING ELSE besides water. Got confused already? Chill…=p

Let see, if a person tells you that his mother has advised that everyday early in the morning he should have one glass of water, but he is unable to drink it because when he drinks it, he feels like vomiting. On enquiry he says that the water stinks and it is yellowish in colour. Later you realize that what he is referring to as water is not water but urine.

Thus you can call water by different names having THE SAME MEANING but you cannot call OTHER THINGS as water.

So you definitely know why we cannot call other than god (even in different languages) as god if it is NOT REALLY A TRUE GOD.

Test it, or get fooled


Purity of GOLD is not verified by calling it by DIFFERENT NAMES in DIFFERENT LANGUAGES but rubbing it against a Touchstone.

Gold can be called sona in Hindi, gold in English, dhahaba in Arabic, emaih in North Malaysia. Inspite of knowing all these different names for gold, we DON’T BLINDLY BELIEVE it is gold without VERIFYING with a goldsmith. Don’t we?  The goldsmith CONFIRMS whether it is gold or not with the help of a touchstone. The yellow glittering jewellery may not be gold, because all that glitters is not gold.

Surah al-Ikhlas is the Touchstone of Theology.

Not to say that this touchstone is ‘bias’ly written in Quran only, but you really should find the most sincere and pure transcript in order to get the truth. Anyway this is only A BOOK, not like a ‘sacred’ one that non Muslim cannot open and read, it is free for all. Everybody can read and find the truth from it. Why bother being scared you will converted to that religion if you read their books? We read and we learn. There are sure many SIMILARITIES between us, but what make us DIFFERENT? That is our job to find out.

The touchstone of theology, that is study of God, is Surah Al-Ikhlas chapter 112 of the Holy Quran which says :

  1. 1. Say (O Muhammad pbuh): “He is Allah, (the) One and Only.
  2. 2. The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks, The Eternal, Absolute
  3. 3. He begetteth not,Nor was He begotten.
  4. 4. And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him.

Therefore any person or candidate or entity who is called God CANNOT be accepted as the true God without verifying him first with this touchstone. Any candidate who claims to be God or wants to claim ‘something’ as his God, must fit in this four line definition. Only then it is entitled to be called God and worshipped as God.

If we put prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the test ( which is the touchstone of theology just now), he will never pass a single criteria.

  1. He is not the one and only, there are many other messengers!
  2. Everyone knows that Muhammad (pbuh) had to undergo many hardships. Though he was the mightiest messenger of God, he died at the age of 63 and was buried in Madinah.
  3. He was born in Mekah!  His parents were Abdullah and Aminah, he even had a several children..
  4. Not co-equal, he is just a messenger. Giving us messege and guidance to be followed.Though all the Muslims love and revere the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and are supposed to follow each and every of his commandments, yet you will NEVER find a single Muslim in the whole world, who in his senses will EVER say that Muhammad (pbuh) is God.

p/s: Forgive me for my bad writing, im just trying something here for sharing and caring. Peace be upon you.

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8 KomenTinggalkan komen

  1. emaih?! ekekekek
    rasenye best gak if diorg terangkan ni lebih lanjut dlm comrel nnt,kan kan?

    —–DR.RADZI says: gelak ek? ish3….betoi apa??!=p yup, best gak. kan kan kan! haha…

  2. it is really a superb topic…and also can bcome a contraversial topic if some cant understand it…:p

    here is a piece same like urs but the content is the other way around coz return by a hindu, with more xamples from vedic and Quran…:) if u wan, u can read up the aritcle…

    p/s:not different language but different name…(^,^)v

    • thank you siva…=)
      controversial? really? which part?

      thanks also for the link. (nice discussion there – suka cara dia hurai dengan fakta, tapi malas baca sampai habis coz panjang sangat. hehe…) but i noticed something in that post…

      [Allah has an IMAGE:

      ” It is He Who begins (the process of) creation; then repeats it; and for Him it is most easy. To Him belongs the loftiest similitude (we can think of) in the heavens and the earth: for He is Exalted in Might, full of wisdom. “(30.27) ]

      i checked in my translation, i found that it wasn’t loftiest similitude, but it is loftiest attribute.
      macam jauh je beza dia….bahaya translation tu. huhu…but maybe he has a good explaination, may Allah guide us all.=)

      • hey…:) no prob…i pon x abiz baca that article coz it was super long…hehe

        i duno la, but from wat i hv observed..not all can accept the fact that the GOd is same although the religion diff…i hv gone thru that conflict la…hehe

        bout the verse, am not sure la…u knw better…same like i knw the hindu verses better…:p

      • lupe, ada comrel lagi?

  3. Assalamualaikum..

    your writing has become better in each post.
    May you istiqamah in ‘this path’..

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